#32: Neville Southall on football, not putting up with idiots, and the “biggest liars in the world”

Yes, that’s right. The actual Neville Southall – the goalkeeping legend once considered the best in the world for a period in the eighties – joins us on the Nostalgia Ultras podcast.

Needless to say this is the biggest interview I have done in the two year existence of this show. The former Everton and Wales player joined us to promote his new book, Mind Games: The Ups and Downs of Life and Football, a fantastic read in which he takes the lessons he learned in the game and masterfully applies them to everyday life.

Once you get Neville going, it’s hard to get him to stop – not that you’d want him to anyway. I got to ask him about the causes he cares about, including mental health, LGBT rights, and discrimination against Transgender people in sport, before moving onto the “biggest liars in the world” (Hint: their first names are Boris and Donald), and “the shit that people actually believe” in the absence of genuine truth.

We also talked about his life after football, working in education, and why young footballers are being psychologically set up for failure.

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#29: Atalanta and Italian football culture

Just like the bus, you wait ages for a Nostalgia Ultras podcast and two come along in quick succession. Well, quick for us anyway. 

This is a special edition of the podcast, as it signals the return of the original trio: Ste McGovern, Colm Boohig and the immaculate emigrant himself, Conor Clancy.

In celebration of the return of The Artist Formerly Known As Concalcio, we’ve decided to talk about his favourite team (other than the mighty Bray Wanderers, obviously) Atalanta and Italian football culture, his raison d’etre.

We ask Conor how he even began supporting this provincial club from Bergamo, what makes it so special, the reasons for their recent surge these past few seasons, what makes Italian football good (and bad), why it’s different from British and Irish football, and the worst type of fans in the country he now calls home.

Yeah, this basically turned into an AMA with Conor.

We also discuss the four players that mean something to us, Colm’s adoration of the “high octane Lee Trundle”, otherwise known as Ronaldinho, classic football boots, retro video games and Ludo.

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#28: Bielsa at Bilbao and beyond with Ben Jarman

Marcelo Bielsa is one of the most influential football managers in the modern era, shaping many of the tactical trends that pervade the game today. 

Ste McGovern is joined by Ben Jarman to discuss his amazing legacy and intense obsessiveness on the latest episode of the Nostalgia Ultras podcast. 

We touch on his time at Athletic Club de Bilbao, how his upbringing in Argentina impacted his methods, how he influenced players like Gabriel Batistuta and Alexis Sanchez, why he will never manage a ‘big’ club, how his failure to win major honours has affected his reputation, and his current work at Leeds United.

Ben is co-host of the Fulhamish podcast and a Spanish football aficionado.

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#27: Where have all the hard bastards gone?

Your typical hard man of football — the no-nonsense, hard tackling, kick-it-into-Row-Z, tough bastard of a footballer — used to be a staple of the game. Every team in England needed one if you were to win a game of football.

Some players, like Vinnie Jones, made a career out of it when they had little else to offer. Others, such as Stuart Pearce and Roy Keane, were magnificent players who brought an edge to proceedings. Sometimes they went well over that edge, but they wouldn’t have been the same players without it and fans loved them for it.

Over time, however, these hard men of football have been phased out. Where did they go? Why don’t we see them at the top levels of the game?

Ste McGovern, Colm Boohig (Off The Ball) and Peter Henry (TheFootballFaithful.com) investigate the causes of this, how football has changed through the decades, and how popular culture has had its effect too.

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1.00: Who is the quintessential football hard man?

8.19: The difference between hard bastardry and shithousery.

15.30: The fine line between toughness and cowardice.

19.40: Why did the hard men of football get phased out?

28.40: Why VAR will be the death of shithousery.

32.20: The time Vinnie Jone’s arse fell out.

36.40: Was David Beckham and metrosexuality the catalyst for change?

41.46: The dissipation of toxic masculinity.

49.18: Listing off the hardest football men of them all.

#26: The Best Premier League Title Races Ever

What was the greatest title race of all time?

Was it 1996 when Manchester United and Newcastle United went head to head? Perhaps it was Arsenal overcoming an 11 point deficit in 1998 to win their first league title under Arsene Wenger? Or maybe it was Liverpool slipping up to Manchester City in 2014?

In light of the insanely close battle between Liverpool and City for this year’s title, Ste McGovern, Peter Henry (The Football Faithful) and Maurice Brosnan (Balls.ie) discuss some of the most entertaining, thrilling and dramatic title races over the years.

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