#32: Neville Southall on football, not putting up with idiots, and the “biggest liars in the world”

neville southall interview everton lgbt boris trump

Yes, that’s right. The actual Neville Southall – the goalkeeping legend once considered the best in the world for a period in the eighties – joins us on the Nostalgia Ultras podcast.

Needless to say this is the biggest interview I have done in the two year existence of this show. The former Everton and Wales player joined us to promote his new book, Mind Games: The Ups and Downs of Life and Football, a fantastic read in which he takes the lessons he learned in the game and masterfully applies them to everyday life.

Once you get Neville going, it’s hard to get him to stop – not that you’d want him to anyway. I got to ask him about the causes he cares about, including mental health, LGBT rights, and discrimination against Transgender people in sport, before moving onto the “biggest liars in the world” (Hint: their first names are Boris and Donald), and “the shit that people actually believe” in the absence of genuine truth.

We also talked about his life after football, working in education, and why young footballers are being psychologically set up for failure.

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